Dr. Antonio Festa, D.M.D.

Dr. Festa practices all phases of dentistry with an emphasis on cosmetics, smile enhancement, bulimia teeth damage and implant reconstruction.

Education and Training
Dr. Festa received his Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Connecticut State University
where he majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry. He then attended the University of
Connecticut Dental School, one of the premier dental schools in the country. There, he scored in the top 10% in the country on the National Boards.

Upon graduation, he moved to Boca Raton Florida and became involved in the local community. He
assisted in starting a free dental clinic for the underprivileged with the Our Lady of Peace
Mission in Delray beach. Dr. Festa along with his partner and Tommy The Tooth, started the
First Brush Program. It is a program to help children in the community learn proper oral health habits.

Dr Festa has helped many individuals in south Florida with bulimia. He has helped them in getting the treatment they needed and then having the privilege of restoring their oral health and their smiles when they were finally ready for that next step. Dr Festa understands bulimic teeth and can help a  bulimic get their smile back using the most modern veneers, bondings, implants and crown techniques.

Dr. Festa has been able to attend multiple courses on all of the latest techniques and
technologies in cosmetic dentistry including CEREC and laser dentistry. He has been an
instructor for the Biolase water laser and a trainer for the CEREC Jump Start Course. He has
had the luxury of training with many of today's pre-eminent cosmetic and reconstructive dentists and dental laboratories:

2003 Stain and Glaze Course with Felix Pages
2003 CEREC education with Palmer/Benke course
2003 CEREC Alex Touchstone course
2003 CEREC Mel Livernois course
2003 CEREC Mark Morin seminar
2007 John Kois - Functional Occlusion
2007 Frank Milnar - Art & Science of shade selection
2007 Francis Ducoin - Successful and Predictable Cosmetic Implant Restorations"
2007 James Amstadt - How to Sequence and Complete Complex Implant Cosmetic Cases
2007 Arthur Chal -Dental Implant
2007 Dale Greer -Anterior Direct Resin Materials
2007 Jorg-Peter Rabanus - Functional and Aesthetic Blueprints for Predictable Cosmetic
2007 Trevor Lainchild -Pursuing Facial Harmony and Beauty with Individual Restorative
Restorative Designs
2007 Peter Dawson - Integrating Cosmetic Dentistry into a Complete Dentistry Format
2007 Christopher Orr Composite Artistry from Vision to Action
2008 Michael Melkers - Direct Composite Artistry
2008 Richard Masek - Ultimate CEREC creations
2008 Ronald Jackson - Composite Artistry
2008 Newton Fahl - Creating Masterpieces
2013 Robert Marus - Mastering the Restoration of the Anterior Teeth
2013 J. Bassett - Mastering Posterior and Anterior Techniques of Direct Composites
2013 David Chan - The 3 C's of Composite Veneers
2013 Warren Roberts - Dermal Fillers
2013 Newton Fahl - Anterior Esthetics
2014 Bradley Olson- Accreditation Workshop
2014 Bradley Olson - Criteria Workshop
2014 Newton Fahl - Achieving Excellence with Anterior Composites
2014 John Weston - Matching One or Two Indirect Restorations to Natural Dentition
2014 Frank Milnar - Elements Of Responsible Esthetics
2014  Marshall Hanson -  Using CAD/CAM For Anterior Esthetics
2014 Jeffrey Lineberry - Anterior Guidance
2014 Newton Fahl - Class IV Restorations

Professional Experience

  • 1998 - Present, Co-owner of Deerfield Family Dental Inc.
  • 2008 - Present, Co-owner of Laser and Cosmetic Dentistry of Delray

Dr. Festa maintains two offices that have been on the forefront of the most advanced technology available in dentistry today. This includes lasers, CEREC one hour crowns, laser tooth whitening and digital x-rays. He has been committed to providing his patients the finest dentistry, in a state-of-the-art facility.

By providing his patients with individual attention, the majority of out patients have been with us for over 10 years. Dr. Festa has handpicked a few specialists to join him in the practice. In this manner, he can keep a close eye on treatment and ensuring that patients receive world-class treatment. The offices are certified in conscious I.V. sedation. The highest level of sterilization is maintained for maximum patient protection.

Licensure, Certification and Membership
Dr. Festa has been licensed by the states of Connecticut and Florida.

Dr. Festa is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. This organization plays an important role in the continuing dental education as well as in the education and protection of the health-care consuming public.

Dr. Festa received his first implant certification in 1993. Since then he has restored countless

Dr. Festa has completed, and been certified, in a 2 year orthodontic course, for General
dentists, by the United Stated Dental Institute.

In 2005, Dr. Festa invented, designed and patented the “toothbrush and floss dispenser.”

Questions or Comments?
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